Unfinished Learning Activities Journal

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Since I am not being given specific countries it’s hard to say the specific steps I would take to make each one feel comfortable. However there are some general rules I can use as a guide. Being female makes me already wary since so many cultures are still not used to women being in power so I will attempt to explain myself as thoroughly as possible. The first step I would take is to make sure I do some basic research on each person’s culture in order to get the feel of where they come from and what their values, beliefs and traditions are. I think it would be a nice step to include some beverages from each culture if at all possible to make each person feel comfortable, coffee, various teas etc. If I were able to offer some traditional foods that would also be…show more content…
Even learning which cultures it’s ok to look directly in the eyes can mean a lot to others, but still we all need to remember that each of us is human and mistakes will happen. Learning Activities Journal- 02-11-2016- downloaded this week’s readings, will read these at work and tonight I plan to finish my learning journal assigned task tonight if possible. 02-12-2016- Finished Learning journal task last night will post it today sometime, hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I will start on DF tonight and plan to finish it up and post it Sunday after church. 02-13-2016- Since it’s Saturday I will devote this day to studying, since I have spent so much time on this class the last couple of nights. I need to work on Statistics quite a bit, the R program is a bit challenging, I will however work on multinational Management sometime today. 02-14-16- After church I will post my DF for this class and statistics, at that time I will rate other’s post, if I have time I will go ahead and get the self-quiz taken, I will study some more and then take the graded quiz. I have a test in Statistics too so I might not get to both of
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