Unforgettable Character

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As important as the plot, narrative, and cast are to a film, the audience’s reaction to a film and its characters is equally relevant. A stronger reaction or connection to a character, either positive or negative, allows the character to leave a lasting impression on the audience, even if the film’s plot itself is not extraordinary or memorable. An unforgettable character can be the result of their persona, actions, relationships with others, or the actors’ or actress’ performances. Mark, Harry, and Ada are different characters from various films that elicit positive connections, negative connections, or mixed emotional feelings in the audience. Through the use of archetypal personality characteristics, non-linear narratives, flashbacks, sweeping wide shots, intense dramatic scenes, somber or sinister music, and powerfully compelling relationships with other characters, the filmmakers create both strong positive and negative psychological and emotional connections with the audience to the characters.
The audience who personally associate with family and money struggles generally view Mark, played by Henry Lau, in a positive light. Mark is a young man who chooses to leave home in Singapore to save his family restaurant by entering a cooking competition in Shanghai and wins the jackpot. The narrative is set in modern day Singapore and Shanghai. By using wide, establishing shots of Shanghai streets and buildings, the director allows the audience to join Mark’s journey and
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