Unforgettable Moment In My Life Essay

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Everyone has their own story and different journey of lives and I always believed that every story has their own unique and personal reasons. I don’t know where to start my story because I’m a person who is always bottle things up and I can't talk to anyone. Without confidence and courage, I have waited for the right time to write, to tell my story and to confess how I feel like everyone else.
I’m the oldest and have two youngest sisters. We have always had our parents who love and care about us a lot. They will do anything for us. I was a happy kid and my life was completely perfect. What I’d never really thought about is that, someday one of them could no longer be there for us.
Most of us experienced unforgettable moments in our lives. The moment that I will never forget happened in my family. I was only ten when my mom died
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Everyone was wrong. I blamed for everything happened in my life. I was feeling like a completely different person than before. I was negative, anxious, abrupt and unpleasant to almost everyone. There are times I felt so confused, so lost and so empty. At home, I rather locked myself in the room to keep myself away from everyone because I thought that is the best way out.
Yes, life can be so cruel and unfair. But, at some points, it taught me to be a strong person and to understand the process I went through. With my dad as my role model in life, I have learnt about strong, dedication and love. I am so blessed to have a strong, loving father who I always knew was on my side, would do anything for me and my sisters. One thing I realized is that he had been there for us when my mom wasn’t around.
Days by days, I try to get up to collect and fix back every piece of my life. It’s a time for me grown up and become an adult. I believed my mom reached a better place with God. When I look back on it now, I have come a long way with my dad who gave us the perfect upbringing that made us

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