Unforgettable Moment

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The most unforgettable moment is when a dog bit me on my lip. It was unforgettable because it was the first time a dog ever bit me and hopefully the last. The event that took place on this day was weird and dramatic. It happened when I was visiting my aunt for a three day weekend for Christmas in Long Island. I imagined connecting with my cousins again opening Christmas presents under the tree. I had that experience and another wild one, one which I could never forget.

It was Christmas time in the morning and I had woke up early, oddly since I went to my bed at 4 in the morning. I tip-toed down the stairs not waking anyone up. There I found my mom and my aunts around the table eating breakfast and talking. The breakfast wasn't any normal breakfast, with pancakes and eggs served on a plate. No, it was a buffet line where you choose what to eat, like dumplings and fish and other food. I didn't go for much because I didn't want to fill my stomach. I was serving out my breakfast when the family dog, Benjie brushed my leg with his fur. I looked down and my cousin was surprised when it passed her too. We laughed and sat on the stairs and ate our food. The dog passed us again heading towards us. It looked at us with sad eyes like it wanted our food, but we shooed it away but felt so bad we gave it a piece of bread and headed towards its bowl of food. I headed back upstairs to look for my cousins who didn't come down.

As I headed upstairs I realized the dog was already up there.

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