Unfulfilled Dreams in Lorraine Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun

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What happens to a dream when it suspends in time? Does it stay suspended within a man through his lifetime, dormant, unreachable, and far away? Does its power grow and ultimately force him to act to make it happen sometime in the future-if not in his lifetime then in the future members of his kin? On the other hand, does it eat away at him, crystallizing and internally segmenting his own derived purpose and meaning of life until it is indiscernible from its original state of grandeur and grace? Those are some of the questions that Lorraine Hansberry poses for consideration in her play, A Raisin in the Sun. It is no accident that she chose Langston Hughes' poem as a gateway into the incredible experience of true life, living, dreaming and …show more content…
It is because, on the one hand, her dream when she first moved into that place in Chicago's Southside to buy a house, fix it up, and make herself a little garden in the backyard didn't happen (Hansberry 45). Or, as she says, "didn't none of it happen" (Hansberry 45). She became too busy and occupied rearing her then-young family. For her, the initial plan with her husband to save and only stay in that apartment (if one can call it that) for no more than a year became nearly a lifetime (Hansberry 44-45). And, with that the "hopeless social conditions" that have forced them to "defer their dreams until their own strength and pride help them struggle toward opportunity," as Diana Marre says in her essay on Lorainne Hansberry ("Lorainne Hansberry" 453). As like the once loved pattern of the couch upholstery that now fights to show itself from under acres of crocheted doilies and couch covers [...]," she now struggles to keep her dream from drying up after now experiencing acres of life's burdens and tribulations (Hansberry 23). In many respects, it is too late in her life to enjoy the house that she has purchased because she is nearing old age and death; the youth she once had is a distant past. Yet at the same time, and on the other hand, her shared subtler and greater dream with her husband of providing a better way of life and living for her family fills and moistens. Despite she and her family being
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