Unhappy Man in E.A. Robinson's a Happy Man

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A Happy Man is a poem of Edwin Arlington Robinson about happiness reached by Edwin through the decision he made. Edwin lived in a period of millionaire when American competes to become millionaire after the Civil War. He born and raised in Maine to a wealthy family, he was the youngest of three sons and not groomed to take over the family business. Instead, he pursued poetry since childhood, joining the local poetry society as its youngest member. His personal life was soon beset by a chain of tragedies. But in A Happy Man, he is a man of happiness in his live. He doesn’t pretend as a happy man running from his tragic live.

In the quest of
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The higher esteem appears in our deep heart. Achieving this level leads us to the advanced level of needs which brings happiness. Higher esteem comes along with self improvement willingness. They who passed this level are aware of their self. They eager to change negative qualities in themselves that could be changed. Arabian proverb said “ashlikh nafsaka yashlukhu lakannas”. Correct yourself then others.

The next is Self Actualization comes as part of the higher esteem needs after self improvement willingness; it is the continuous desire to fulfill potentials, to “be all that you can be.” They are a matter of becoming the most complete, the fullest, “you”. Along with this comes a certain freshness of appreciation, an ability to see things, even ordinary things, with wonder. They will become more aware around them. Then with their full potential, they will conscious or unconsciously fill people needs by doing something. At the end, happiness not only brought to themselves but also to others.


The happiness is often related to the coverage of needs. As people born and grown, they only have small needs for their survival at the beginning. When their basic survival needs completed, they will face a test to the next level of needs, failure on the test leads them lost in the basic survival needs accomplishment. In the other hand, a success in the test brings them awareness towards themselves and around. This circumstance brings happiness not

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