Unhealthy Body Essay

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Having a healthy body is very important in order for us to do our daily activities in life. We are able to do everything we want to do in our day to day living if we are physically fit and healthy. Works are much easier to accomplish if our health condition is good. A body that is physically fit and healthy can easily handle stress in life. But in order to have a healthy body, everyone should have self-discipline in eating healthy foods, having a balance diet, taking vitamins, and engaging in physical activities. But why is Physical fitness taken for granted by some students? It’s because they lack understanding of the effects of having an unhealthy body, the negative effects where our body is inactive, not in good condition, prone to diseases, and even shorter lifespan.
There are lots of reasons why students have unhealthy body. One is that they have poor food choices. According to Jennifer Zuercher and Sibylle Kranz, “The period of life from the late teens to the mid-20s is characterized by much ‘change and exploration’”. (Kranz
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According to Roger Lockridge, “Vitamins control the chemical reactions within the body to convert food into energy and living tissue.” Basically, vitamins help our body to boost some energy needed for us to do our daily tasks. Compared to non-active people, the ones who lead their lifestyle active need more nutrients in their body. This is because they exert more energy in executing heavy trainings and workouts and to aim their main goal to be physically fit and healthy. But Sheri Barke said “A variety of healthy foods, along with daily physical activity, are the best strategies to achieve optimal health. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not supplement, not replace, a healthy lifestyle.” This means that vitamin and mineral supplement should not be the basis of having healthy lifestyle. To achieve most desirable health, we should not just eat healthy foods; we have to do regular exercises as
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