Unhealthy Weight Levels of Americans and Michelle Obama's Let's Move Program

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Early on, many of these programs focused on teaching everyone how to become more active. However, the scales have continued to show that most people are becoming fatter from their poor diet and exercise. This has caused many individuals to be seen as someone who lacks control and discipline. Evidence of this can be seen with recent studies which are showing that 35.7% of Americans are considered to be obese (according to the CDC). ("Adult Obesity Facts," 2012) To combat these challenges, a new approach must be taken that will directly confront the problem instead of providing everyone with empty promises. For example, most people will spend $40 billion every year on equipment and nutritional supplements to improve their underlying levels of health. Yet, when most people go into restaurants they are often considered to be very greedy (by consistently consuming foods that have little to no nutritional value). This has resulted in many people becoming the butt of different jokes about their lifestyle choices. ("The Diet Industry," 2008) For instance, a common metaphor about these individuals is: that they will go into a restaurant look at the menu and say 'ok'. This joke is designed to show how these individuals have let their weight become so out of control that they are unable to make positive changes to their lifestyle. As they have…
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