Essay on Uni University and Its New Erp System

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UNI UNIVERSITY AND ITS NEW ERP SYSTEM 1) This case illustrates the complexity of the relationship between technology and organization in the context of knowledge work. Some famous theories, indeed, demonstrate that there are important, complex and reciprocal causal relationship between these two aspects to the extent that different type of technologies can be associated with different form of organizations (Woodward). When you decide to introduce a new technology system in your organization you can’t think that it will carry automatically positive changes because it is difficult to predict in advance the outcomes of…show more content…
Cooperation between different groups of knowledge workers it’s a complex goal to achieve: it can be obtained only throughout a strict collaboration and with a transfer of learning. 3) First of all, different stakeholders have different knowledge and backgrounds, depending on their role within the organization and their education, and this is the reason why they perceive ERP in different ways. Academic administrators weren’t unable to inform their faculty members about the financial details of their grant and contracts using the time phased approach of the ERP, Financial Managers wanted to go forward ensuring institutional governance and mediating financial and regulatory risk: in turn, academic faculty became deeply unhappy about ERP, they weren’t able to receive answers they needed to work effectively. Moreover the workers within the university weren’t informed and deeply instructed to understand and use the new IT. Uni were wrong in considering that implementation an “easy matter”, they really understimated the problem. 4) I think the result would have been quite different. Often it is really difficult to manage knowledge: knowledge work and knowledge workers cannot be tightly controlled and organized because of their consciousness about the situation, their autonomy in organizing and managing their work and

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