Unicorn Fappuccino Case Study

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2.5 Capture value from customer to create profits by customer equity Create Satisfied Loyal Customers • Improving Customer Services By improving customer service, customer will be more happy and start to stick with the product and hardly shifts to the competitors products easily. (Zeithaml, Rust, & Lemon, 2001) This in itself is a big plus point for the company as customer retention is far cheaper then customer acquisition. Other than that, references about the Unicorn Frappuccino will be also easily spread. As usual referencing is all about spreading the word to one another. In other word, this Unicorn Frappuccino product will be sugar of lips to all people because of the unique characteristic. These references mean money or profits to…show more content…
Mouth to mouth syndrome in a customer circle also can endorse resulting bigger market. This kind of phenomenal will be live in long period of time and can be interpreted into lots of profit not just through Unicorn Frappuccino but also other line of products in the Starbucks. Well-known in good services approached to customer resulting into long term profit regenerate. When your service is good, and the word of mouth and references are good, you will acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost you were supposed to. Not like the other products, they have to some millions of dollar just to market it. Unlikely the Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks using a great nature approach and all of the promotion regarding the products will be perform by existing customers. This ensures fantastic profitability as you are getting maximum returns on the investment already…show more content…
• Be honest This means always having your customer’s best interests at heart, regardless of whether you get a smaller sale, or lose a sale to a competitor. Remember, always to accept everything bad and appreaciating good that’s force Starbucks business limits. Aware of the agenda to building customer relationship to businesses is an important keypoint in order to get market for the Unicorn Frappucinno solidly . The Unicorn Frappucino must be attractive in term of design, taste, flexiblity to show customer that buying this product is not just like paying a cheque or spending pennies on food. Share – Boosting the customers confident towards can be attrive through the nutritional fact that may to be useful to customer in the future. Providing such an information such as nutritional fact on a cup of Unicorn Frappucino not just improve confident of customers toward product in term of health but also gain trust from customer to Starbucks for providing such a nutritional line of product and natural base ingredient for the health
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