Unified Codes of Behavior for Soccer Essay

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Unified Codes of Behavior for Soccer Soccer, or football to most of the world, has been one of the oldest sports in the history of the world. It is by far the most viewed, played, and biggest attendance sport throughout the countries, with the exception of the USA. Being the biggest sport in the world means having the biggest fan base as well. This sport has become as close to many fans hearts just as the bible can change people who read it. In this paper, the reader will understand how soccer has changed throughout the years, what the ideals of a unified code are in this sport, as well as the differences and similarities between youth and professional. Many people have heard the saying, "soccer is a gentlemen's sport, played by…show more content…
These soccer "gangs" are called firms, and each team has one, and the most notorious ones are located in England. There was a movie that came out about ten or so years ago that is based off of what the life is like in the world of soccer firms, it is called Green Street Hooligans. These firms don't always have to be based off of how good their soccer teams are, for instance Manchester United has a great soccer team, but not a very good firm. In the movie, one can see what all happens in firms and how big of a part it is in their lives. We here the occasional, "A riot erupted outside of the stadium after the super-bowl" but this is normal for a weekend soccer match in England. I couldn't find any research about when these firms started, but I would have to say they have been going on for quite a few years. These type of "gangs" are just a preview of how serious sports are taken and how much these codes of behavior will be broken. A little background behind the movie, Green Street Hooligans, is that's about a college journalist drop out who moves to England to live with his sister but ends up joining one of the firms there, Green Street Elite. Usually firms don't take outsiders that they don't know very well, let alone an American. In this movie, one sees how the fights start during the soccer game and continue even after the game is over and sees how ruthless

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