Unified Modeling Language

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The Unified Modeling language (UML) was released by the Object Management Group (OMG) in the effort to provide a standardized design language to build and develop computer applications. The purpose of the design language is to allow IT professionals to distribute system structure and design plans in a comprehensible graphical manner, similar to blueprints of a building. Modeling is an important part of software projects, large and small. With modeling, the software development team are better able to work with the end-user in providing a visual program design. Surveys reveal that the development of large software applications have many impediments and have a large probability of failure. Modeling provides a greater opportunity for…show more content…
The use-case diagram's purpose is to help development teams visualize the functional requirements of a system, including the relationship of "actors" (human beings who will interact with the system) to essential processes, as well as the relationships among different use cases. The class diagram shows how the different entities (people, things, and data) relate to each other. The Sequence diagrams is almost self explanatory, it shows a detailed flow for a specific use case or even just part of a specific use case. The statechart diagram models the different states that a class can be in and how that class transitions from state to state. Activity diagrams show the procedural flow of control between two or more class objects while processing an activity. A component diagram provides a physical view of the system. Its purpose is to show the dependencies that the software has on the other software components (e.g., software libraries) in the system. The deployment diagram shows how a system will be physically deployed in the hardware environment. Its purpose is to show where the different components of the system will physically run and how they will communicate with each other. Two main criticisms of UML is whether diagrams are needed at all, and during what stage of the software development process they should be used, also, the frequency of any updates of the diagrams. The other is that the UML diagrams just lack the detail
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