Uniform Appearance Of The Army Uniform

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Ibasfalean Matthew B Co 2-124

uniform appearance
& the importance of following orders

The Army uniform, from the soiled cotton clothing from the Revolutionary War to the digital pattern fatigues of today. For a Soldier in the United State military the uniform continues that representation of are humble beginnings. In fact during the Revolutionary War white facings were used to represent the infantry until about 1851 when light or Saxony blue was used for horse furniture. Capes were lines with light blue and trousers white (http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Catalog/Heraldry.aspx?). For the Army uniform policy and regulation is covered under AR 670-1. With my actions I had violated the regulations by altering my uniform in a training exercise in which I cut US government property in hopes of making ventilation in my combat shirt. Although I have made this mistake I will correct myself and thus evolve into a more professional understanding individual. By challenging myself in making sure that my uniform is always worn correctly and its appearance meets AR-670 policies. To make sure that I don 't grow as a Non-commissioned officer from complacency, making these corrections will help to ensure that I do not aid in the creation of a un-compliant and disobedient generation.

Now on the fact behind being tactically proficient and standing professional. The U.S military understands the meaning of field work and garrison…
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