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Uniforms, gateway or a straitjacket?
Do school uniforms really improve school systems or are they a way to control student’s individuality? School uniforms are becoming common in many school systems around the nation. There are many different feelings about uniforms from parents, students, and faculty. The debate about whether uniforms should or should not be worn in schools has been going on for years. The arguments for uniforms vary in different ways like that uniforms help students focus, help saves time, stops bullying, helps with trespassers, and overall at the end of the year can cost less. Just like the arguments for uniforms, there are many against them. One main argument against uniforms would be that it causes students to lose their individuality or it can cause segregation between boys and girls. This paper will argue against all the opposing views of uniforms, and explain why they are important and necessary to have in schools. That to improve our school systems we need uniforms to help prevent distractions. Uniforms have been apart of many cultures for years and it has shown to help students.
Uniforms have been worn by kids since 1552. Uniforms were worn by kids from England or from private schools, then public schools for centuries. The United States had kids wearing uniforms, but not many from public schools. “In 1996, the US Department of Education found that only 3% of public schools required uniforms” (Dressed 1). When the US Department of Education
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