Uniform Religion

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Usually religion is a terrible topic for a paper, especially if those beliefs are unpopular, because it’s a touchy topic I will handle this carefully. My family comes from a variety of places so there is not a particular religion that we follow. Add me, a curious eight year old and you have a person that questions everything. While there was no uniform religion my parents are Christian and we went to church. I remember the first time we went vividly because my parents had never been so serious with us. We were required to dress well, and they were very strict. When we arrived at St. Pius I was perplexed by this solemness I had never seen before, because the other attendees were equally serious. During the meeting itself, I didn’t pay attention to, but afterwards my father gave me a children’s bible.…show more content…
Years later, I had read many religious scripts, texts, books, and debates I had finally found the answers to my questioBeing able to realize that I needed this help made this a process. First, recognizing the problem, I looked at where I was going wrong with my current practices. Second, getting the resources such as Sylvan to help me. When I was able to utilize the tip and tricks like skimming, organized notes, and test taking it made doing tasks I had previously found impossible able to be done effortlessly. One big hurdle I remember was learning the test taking strategies. My tutor told me to always ask the teacher questions, initially I was confused, I thought that the teacher can’t help me answer the question in any way, but putting it into practice I found this was quite the
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