Uniform and The Military

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There are many militaries throughout the world but the US Military is seen as the most professional and capable military in the world. We are perceived this way due to our rules and regulations that have branched from our fundamental principles and doctrine. Uniformity is one of our leading regulations in the military. Uniformity is what makes the military have a professional image. It is the basis of our instructions and regulations concerning the dress and appearance of our military personnel. Recently however, the Pentagon has decided that it is more important to accommodate certain groups of people then to have a professional and uniform military. On January 22nd 2014 the Pentagon passed a new policy that is easing up on the existing…show more content…
When I think of this I think of words such as different, inconsistent and deviating. All of those words are antonyms of uniform. According to AFI36-2903, which is the Air Forces Dress and Appearance Instruction, it states that there are five elements to our appearance and uniform standards, which are neatness, cleanliness, safety, uniformity, and military image (JONES, 2013). With this new standard we are violating three of the five main elements. Under this new policy we will no longer be uniform as a military service. I will even venture to say that we will no longer have a specific uniform, because we no longer meet the criteria of what a uniform is. With this new policy we will also loose our professional military image. When military members are in formation while indoors you will see random people with turbans or headscarf’s on while everyone else has their cover off. Or you will see people with tattoos and piercings instead of clean-shaven. Instead of the formation looking “sharp” and “on point” you will have random people sticking out and making the whole formation look bad. Usually when a military member is out of uniform and a civilian sees a young man or women clean-shaven, showing respect for the people around them, and calling people by Sir or Ma’am they assume that they are in the military because they are acting professional.
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