Uniformed public service national diploma Understanding discipline

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Uniformed public service national diploma Understanding discipline By Lucy Jones Contents Page 3: Role of discipline, rules and regulations and following orders Page 4-5: maintaining order, good and bad effects if discipline Page 5-6: self-discipline Role of discipline in the uniformed public services P1 Role of discipline One definition of discipline is obedience to authority. However discipline can be used in many different ways. For example it may be used as an order, as a deterrent, as a threat, to control or to…show more content…
This is usually done during the induction/training program of joining the army. During this period the instructors beast the initiates and build them up as a team so they can co-operate efficiently in the line of duty. Also with them being built up as a team and working everyday side by side there is less chance of them fighting amongst each other so order will be maintained. Social norms The psychologists Deutsch and Gerard said when it comes to social norms there are two theories. The first theory is that if you have a lack of information about something we usually do what the majority of the class/group are doing for example if you are waiting to cross the road and you don 't see the traffic signals changing because someone is in your way but you start to cross because everyone else is crossing even though you don 't know it is safe to cross. The second theory is that we conform to a group of people so we feel accepted by acting how they act or the way they dress. For example if I left the uniformed public service course and joined a art course in the college that they were all wearing a particular type of clothing eventually I would conform to the way they dress so I feel a part of the group the same in the public service you will conform to them so you fell accepted in the team. Positive aspects of discipline In Manchester the police set up a task force called Xcalibre which is a task
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