Uniformity Of Testimony

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In this week’s reflection paper, I will be addressing the lingering question that has been placed on my plate as well as many others who have struggled with this same topic. Uniformity in a testimony is in question, so I will first attempt to extract some feelings I have extracted from the text followed by an attempt to reflect on what has been readdressed in the text and some of my experiences as well. Another word for uniformity is consistency, and the text tries to respond to the opposing theories of the experience of God. The text redefines “uniformity of testimony” as meaning “absolute agreement” (Davies 126). The book also relates this topic of discussion to a pair of astronomers. “The two astronomers can agree about the existence of a star and be reasonable in holding that it exists even though they see it from…show more content…
However, there is one illustration that I want to share that depicts uniformity. My wife and I had an experience with God back about six to eight months ago. I had been praying along with her continuously for many months about her joint pains that she was experiencing throughout her whole body. One evening, we were finishing our premarital counseling session with a prayer, and during this prayer, she felt as if she was having an out of body experience. Long story short, we got home and she stopped breathing and turned white as a ghost. When she came to, she told me that she was no longer needed here. I began yelling for my father who was in the other room to get her some oxygen, because she was barely breathing and couldn’t grasp that I was talking with her. She screamed at the top of her lungs in pain, and then all the sudden the pain stopped and she came to. She felt as if she had been completely renewed from the inside out. She wanted to run a mile and she had no more aches or pains left in her
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