Uniforms In High School Uniforms

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Growing up in parochial schools, uniforms were a part of my daily life. I wore uniforms for twelve consecutive years, and I feel very strongly that they impacted my education for the better. I had many friends attending public schools, and though they got to wear the latest fashion trends and look cute going to school, I felt that they were at a disadvantage not having uniforms. Uniforms should be implemented in primary and secondary schools because they enhance self-esteem, produce a conducive learning environment, increase safety, and are cost effective.
It is no surprise that children of all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, religions, and cultures attend the same schools. Individuality is a beautiful thing, but many times children seeing differences among their peers allows room for confusion, animosity, jealousy, and even anger. If a child is insecure about their clothes or appearance, their self-esteem can suffer. Principle of Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary School, Mike Gulden, puts it plainly when asked what would happen if uniforms disappeared tomorrow, “’Our needy kids and fairly well-to-do kids might become magnified and polarized… There’s that stigma of ‘my socioeconomic status.’ Kids 5, 6, 7 years old shouldn’t have to deal with that.’” (Boutelle 36.) When children aren’t worried about what their clothes say about how much money their family has or their home life, they will feel more confident knowing they are dressed how everyone else is dressed.
People who are apposed to the implementation of uniforms in schools argue that uniforms do not hide socioeconomic status. This may be true, but it certainly does minimize the visual signs of one’s financial situation. There is always going to be a wide range of diversity in schools. This should not change, but as Gulden puts it, “’Life has enough hurdles for families and kids; I don’t think one of them should be at school.’” (Boutelle 36.) Self-esteem is a very sensitive thing for kids as they grow up, and as they go through puberty. Uniforms can boost that self-esteem, and help those kids walk a little taller every day at school.
The environment of a school is very important and has a huge impact on the children in that school and how they learn.
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