Uniforms Negative Essay

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Uniforms may seem like a thing of the past for many, but they are slowly becoming more used as time goes on. They have been found to improve the lives of students, parents, and teachers. Surprisingly the ones most against this are parents, they worry about their children’s individuality, and rights. For many parents, it is a struggle to pay for brand new uniform attire. In a recent case one mother found herself having trouble paying for each garment. Major Libby Blair, the mother mentioned earlier, founded Libby’s Closet, which sold uniforms for much cheaper prices. This allowed many to be able to afford these uniforms. According to Honaker, who interviewed Blair, “So far, 200-300 families have benefited from it” (Andrea). These types of establishments allow struggling parents to put aside their fear of not being able to afford uniforms and let their children flourish in a safe, productive environment created by uniforms. Uniforms do this by helping students socially, mentally, and educationally. Uniforms affect students socially. Uniforms do this by leveling the playing field between the rich and poor. They help bridge the gap by putting them on the same level. Many better-off students can afford pricy, name brand clothes, while the less fortunate cannot. Many families cannot accommodate the cost of high end clothes, if uniforms were to be implemented then the peer pressure to be “cool” per se would be relieved (Are School Uniforms). If you are not wearing what everyone
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