Uniforms--One Less Distraction Essay

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At first glance, fashion might seem to have very little to do with learning, but as the saying goes, “The clothes make the man,” or in this case “The clothes makes the student”— mandatory uniform policy has made a distinct difference in many schools everywhere. Throughout the last decade, the implementation of such rulings has been on the rise, bringing about waves of debate among students, parents, and teachers. Today, as the number of incidents related to bullying, teen suicides, and gang violence continue to escalate, it has become necessary for educators to provide students with emotional and social support, as well as the traditional academic curriculum. In the interest of reducing these negative effects, school uniforms became a…show more content…
An educational institution was not intended to be a platform for students to parade fashion, wealth or privilege. Too often, kids are preoccupied and obsessed about popularity, social standings, and how they can fit in. How children dress themselves often separates the haves from the have-nots. Households that are struggling to make ends meet are not financially able to keep up with fashion trends and can be targeted for bullying. When peers are dressed in uniforms, the social class distinction becomes much less obvious, prejudice and discrimination will lessen; which ultimately create a less hostile environment. As a result, school uniforms will compel students to spend their time expressing themselves through other channels; such as art, music, sports, and academic achievement. Critics of school uniforms insist they do not improve academic performance, behavioral outcomes, or attendance. Yet, there are several empirical studies that will state quite the opposite. A study conducted in an elementary school in Florida, indicated the average number of juvenile referrals and violent occurrences were significantly reduced between pre-uniform policy and post-uniform policy (Han 3). A second study that took place in Texas, involving two middle schools; revealed a decrease in disciplinary reports and problem behaviors of both severe and minor nature (Hughes 51). A mandatory dress code helps to prevent the presentation of gang insignias or colors, therefore,
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