Uniforms Or No Uniforms?

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Uniforms or No Uniforms? Aurene Carey Lisa Clark English 122 One of the students’ issues they face in this society, is school uniforms and what they should and should not wear. Do you think that they should be allowed to wear street clothes or wear the school uniforms that the school provides? There some various point of views that are presented, plus there is a definition of what a school uniform is just in case some people don’t know. A school uniform is basically a shirt (school choice) which some have collars on them, a black belt, pants like khakis or a different color that the school decided on, sometimes a jacket or blazer of the school choice and shoes of the student choice. All students must have their shirts tucked in at all time…show more content…
By doing this, do it really allow the officials to pick out the good from the bad or should I say the “troublemakers?” Many parents and schools think that wearing a school uniform could and would keep the students safe or in a safer environment more so people think opposite. So tell me what do you think? Now, I believe this is what the schools is thinking instead of asking the students how they feel about it. Leaving out 50 uniforms. Of course, we all know that in the USA, I am guessing around 160-180,000 students % of the students who are against wearing uniforms, has an opinion as well as the other 50% who are with wearing miss class or school every single day due to the fact of “FEAR” of being harmed or attacked by other students or other kids. “The U.S. Dept. of Education maintains that the mandatory use of standardized dress reduces violence within the school.” (http://kids.lovetoknow.com/wiki/pros_and_cons_of_school_uniforms) One of the disagreement on the issue really involves ATTITUDES towards wearing uniforms. Parents has a huge impact/ role on the topic that every student disagree with as well. This topic becomes more controversial because 50% of the parents wants their kids to wear school uniforms and the other half of the 50% wants their kids to wear clothes they brought. So let’s talk about the parents who are in favor of their kids wearing uniforms. 1) Parents don’t want the phone calls from
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