Uniforms Or No Uniforms?

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Uniforms or No Uniforms?
Aurene Carey
Lisa Clark
English 122
One of the students’ issues they face in this society, is school uniforms and what they should and should not wear. Do you think that they should be allowed to wear street clothes or wear the school uniforms that the school provides? There some various point of views that are presented, plus there is a definition of what a school uniform is just in case some people don’t know. A school uniform is basically a shirt (school choice) which some have collars on them, a black belt, pants like khakis or a different color that the school decided on, sometimes a jacket or blazer of the school choice and shoes of the student choice. All students must have their shirts tucked in at all time or they could get into trouble by an official of the school. (But we know students don’t follow the rules) Now, does this sounds like your ordinary typical school? Oh yeah, did I mentioned that the girls can either wear shorts or pleated skirts as part of their uniforms to be complete? Now, if any of the students do not wear their uniforms properly, of course any school official can take action and I mean action as in, sending them to the principle office, giving them detention or making them stay after school. Do it really make a student conform to the dress code? Does wearing a school uniform really limit the creativity of a child at a young age, middle school age, high school age or even college aged students? If all the students were…

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