Uniforms Should Be Paid In High School

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In Springfield, Illinois a 6th grader was bullied by her classmates because her mom bought her too fancy of clothes. She was told that she should dress more like a kid by wearing apple bottom jeans and Nikes. One of the difficult aspects of high school besides the hard course load is fitting in. Uniforms are beneficial and should be required at more schools because they prevent kids from getting bullied, they are proven to help kids grades, and they help keep kids safe.
Kids all over the world get bullied in school for many reasons, just one of the being what they wear. With some families having more money than others some kids have a bigger budget for clothing than others. This leads to those kids with less money sometimes getting bullied because of their clothes. From the story in the introduction you can see that people with less clothes aren’t the only people who get bullied in fact they are just a small portion of the people. Those who have more money and wear too nice of clothes can get bullied as well or people who don’t have the same fashion sense as what is “popular” at the time. Kids have a lot on their plate
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Most students would have been able to walk through the hallways feeling better about themselves because they weren’t getting bullied everyday for what they wore. Some kids would have better grades because they were able to concentrate on the real reason they were in school instead of how they looked or what people thought about their outfits. Kids would have felt safer on school grounds because they know who their peers are and they wont have to worry about some stranger walking around easily. School is meant to be a safe place for kids to get an education, without having to worry about what to wear or who has more or less money than them. If there is a way that we can make students lives easier why not put it in to
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