Uniforms Vs School Uniforms

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Schools around the world have debated whether uniforms are important in the academic success of a student or not. The debate comes from a place of studying how uniforms benefit or inhibit the student’s social, educational, and behavioral performance. Numerous studies show the varying sides of the debate, including the pros and cons. The area, type of school, and parental stance is taken into account when studying the effect of uniforms versus dress code. Uniforms are not beneficial in schools because they prohibit individuality, diversity, and comfortability of students.

Individuality is affected when a uniform policy is enforced. Uniforms encroach upon freedom of expression given to students by their First Amendment rights as a citizen of the United States. In the Supreme Court ruling, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School, freedom of expression is protected by the Constitution unless it interferes with appropriate discipline. (Oyez) Students should be allowed to express themselves and how they want to dress. People will express themselves through other means, like tattoos and piercings. These are a more permanent solution for striving for individuality instead of wearing what they want. In the University Notre Dame’s Sociology Department conducted a study on the effects of uniforms on students, they discovered that there was no interference with “substance abuse, behavioral problems or attendance." (The Journal of Educational Research) The research concluded that not having a uniform does not correlate with the overall environment of the students. Individuality is what makes up the world we live in and taking away the individuality takes away the freedom to express who you are and conform to society. The prohibition of individuality, prohibits diversity in the school. School should be a place of learning both academically and from the many cultures and religions around us. Uniforms can restrict people from practicing their religious expression through clothing. School uniforms do not lower chances of bullying. Texas Southern University conducted a study on uniforms and behavioral atmosphere of students and saw that “school incidents rose about 12% after the introduction of uniforms”. (ProCon)
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