Uniforms in Schools Don't Make Sense

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Imagine you walk into school and everyone is wearing the same jeans,same striped scarf and the same hairstyle. Dont you want to stand out? Be yourself?Wentzville School District should not have uniforms but what’s happening now is that we are voting on uniforms and a dress code is getting stricker. We can’t show our shoulders, no tanks etc. People that are involved, the school administrators, teachers,students, parents. I think we shouldn’t have school uniforms because it doesn’t give us to be unique and our own style,it cost money some families can’t afford these things,you can still get bullied. One reason we shouldn’t have uniforms doesn’t give us to be unique and our own style, we would all have to wear the same thing.”It stops us from showing their unique side and expressing themselves in ways uniforms can’t.”(www.debate.ur/opinions/doesimposeing-school-uniforms-prevent-students-fromshowing-unique.) Being able to express yourself and dress the way you like is everything to me. I know I would be tempted to wear my cute clothes rather than my uniform. Gillian Sanford from Frontier Middle School said,”I don’t like going to school knowing that everyone is going to wear the same thing. I would also get tired of wearing the same thing everyday.” ” Uniforms don’t give anyway to express yourself, it would take away one of the few things that students can choose in school.” says Justin Qualley from Frontier Middle School. Another reason why we shouldn’t have
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