Unifying Japan Essay

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The fall of the Japanese Shogun proceeded the end of the Warring States era and it begin the whole new process of uniting Japan. During the process of unifying Japan, there were three main rulers that each took a different access to not only Japan, but by reaching relations with the Westerners. The three main rulers that were involved in this unifying was: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokygawa Ieyasu. Before the Isolationism period, the Japanese had already welcomed the Westerners. The first people were from Portuguese in the 1543. Yet, the Shogunate and Daimayo would keep a very close contact and business very controlled in Japan. Oda Nobunaga was the first to approached unification with violence and aggression, but welcomed the Westerners into Japan. One of Oda…show more content…
He maintain a very strict and firm rule over the people. Tokygawa agreed with the previous ruler, Toyotomi, that the Westerners were just a distraction and took the access of banning missionaries one step further by out casting Christianity. The missionaries and priest would be either executed or deported from Japan. Finally Japan closed the doors to the outside world and forbid Japanese from leaving the country. They also prohibited Japanese that left the country and westerners from returning to Japan. By closing the doors to the world Japan isolated itself and began to find a different way to unify their own country without any of the Westerners influences.
The Daimayos had a generosity by having contact with the west to enhance Japan’s trade. The Japanese would buy silver and copper from the Dutch and sold silk to them. They were also able to import much of the porcelain to Britain. The relationship that existed between the Japanese and the Westerners would be more of a business related instead of religion related. They were peaceful before the decree that led to the isolation of
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