Unilever And Proctor And Gamble

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Unilever Individual Case – Adam Vrablec
1. In recent years, Unilever and Proctor & Gamble have both taken major steps in creating a more sustainable future. They have done so through launching major corporate responsibility initiatives with the hopes of becoming more energy efficient while simultaneously increasing global quality of life. Obviously, this is no easy task and it requires reconstruction of every part of their respective companies, not just exclusive to manufacturing and distribution, but also to consumer use and disposal. The two global marketing companies have approached their corporate social responsibility initiatives in different manners, each with a unique outlook and future objectives that have both similarities and differences. Unilever and Proctor & Gamble differ in the way in which they help those in desperate need across the globe. Unilever adopted a method of “Partner to Win”, which was the idea that strategic partnerships with governments and NGOs would enhance efforts to increase sustainability and quality of life. Some of the most notable NGOs Unilever is partnered with include UNICEF, Save the Children, and Rainforest Alliance (Bartlett). These organizations were instrumental in developing strategies for Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. As opposed to strategic partnerships with NGOs, Proctor & Gamble has a rich history in giving back to the communities they work in through their own corporately developed programs. Their main corporate
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