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What advice would you give Cathy Bautista on improving the strategic focus of Unilever’s knowledge management activities?
Based on article, Unilever is one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world with an annual turnover of over €40bn. The company employs around, 250,000 people based in over 100 countries. Unilever supply products like a Dove, Calvin Klein and many more around the world included Malaysia. Unilever started its knowledge management activities in 1996. Unilever’s knowledge management group has aimed at delivery the learning organisation vision through number targeted interventions. They have developed a frame of organisational knowledge processes and focused their efforts on locating, capturing, sharing,
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Simplicity is good, complexity is evil. Most people don’t like things they can’t understand right away. Ask people what they think. As you create ways for people to share what they know, don’t just assume that your great idea is great for everyone. Be willing to listen to people, but also be willing to sometimes admit that your idea just stinks. Figuring out that an idea is not working is even more important than figuring out that an idea is you usually know when the ideas that work are working. Encourage people to take advantage of other people’s knowledge. Helping your staff connect with internal subject matter experts can be a great place to start a knowledge management effort. For most people, it’s more natural to call someone than to look up answers in a system. And it’s usually less complex to link people to someone who can answer a question or tell them what resources exist, rather than surface the answers or resources themselves. Ensure senior staff has the right information to make decisions. A good knowledge management strategy should do more than allow people to find the knowledge that exists. It needs to ensure that the right people can easily use that accumulated knowledge to make decisions. In practice, this often means pulling together information from a number of different sources to provide a quick overview. The success of communities of practise in sharing knowledge across an organisation will be largely dependent on a

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