Unilever Case Study

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Unilever (ULVR) PLC is a multinational corporation selling a broad range of products including foods, drinks and household and personal care products, based in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It owns more than 400 brands and operates in 190 countries around the world with its manufacturing plants in 70 countries. Unilever is a global company and it is a market leader in many countries around the world including the United Kingdom. The products that the company sells, consist of all human necessities and luxuries. It employs a transnational strategy which concentrate both on achieving global standard and adapting to local preferences at the same time. This strategy is the best of all which is one of the factors that help the company achieve its success.

ULVR is a stock listed in London Stock Exchange since 11 August 1989 under the category of Premium Equity Commercial Companies. According to London Stock Exchange, any company listed as premium is said to meet the highest standards of regulations and corporate governance. The current price of ULVR on 1st of December 2017 is 4,138GBP.

Figure 1: Historical Price of ULVR

As shown on figure 1, the Bollinger band which indicates the deviation of the price. Since, the price is currently at the bottom line of the Bollinger band, it can be forecasted that the price will go up as Bollinger band is one of technical indicators which suggests that the price should go up when it reaches the bottom line and it should go down
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