why is it important to study international marketing

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Market Orientation is a company’s philosophy focused on discovering and meeting the needs and desires of its customers through its product mix. Unlike past marketing strategies that concentrated on establishing selling points for existing products, market orientation works in reverse, attempting to tailor products to meet the demands of customers. In essence, market orientation can be thought of as a coordinated marketing campaign between a company and its customers. As was proved in the recent history of the automobile industry, the idea that companies can create a product and sell its features to an eager buying public is no longer concrete. With an increasingly global economy and more and more choices for consumers, companies must be…show more content…
Making a big difference in people 's lives
Unilever Ghana ltd vitality mission is rooted in the intimate understanding of people’s needs and aspirations; it inspires new ways to reach consumers with quality products that care for their families and help them get more out of life. To achieve this aim, Unilever Ghana ltd maintains the highest standards of corporate behavior towards their employees, consumers, customers, shareholders and indeed their operating environment. Through their brands, they make the healthier choice the enjoyable and easy choice for our consumers in Ghana. It is therefore not surprising to find a Unilever product in every home in Ghana.
Capabilities refer to the firm 's ability to utilize its resources effectively. Capabilities according to Porter are embedded in the routines of an organization. They are not easily documented as procedures and this makes it difficult for competitors to replicate. A firm 's resources and capabilities together form its distinctive competencies. These competencies Porter Explained enable innovation; efficiency, quality, and customer responsiveness, all of which can be leveraged to create a cost advantage or a differentiation advantage. Porter further argued that in order for a firm to develop a competitive
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