Unilever Ice Cream Business

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Unilever: Globalising Ice-cream Business

LUISS GUIDO CARLI International Marketing course (2009-2010) By Filippo

Unilever Ice-cream division Plans for changes in marketing and brand strategy
Ice cream market has several features that determine a constant need of change and innovation. Unilever marketing measures should move in parallel or anticipating these kind of major changes. Firstly, to create and deliver superior costumer value, satisfing costumers who stay loyal and buy more. Secondly, to defend Unilever leadership in ice cream sales and the second highest global market share with 16% of the world market (Nestlé has the 17.5%). Habits change a lot in this sector through the years, then, there are several differences among the
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2) BRAND EXPRESSION (Brand Positioning, Identity, Personality) Great taste; healthy choice; fun, indulgent, refreshing; food you can trust.2

Fig.1 Strategic Branding cycle. This strategic branding plan starts with a Business strategy that accounts for several goals (such as for example higher sales, increase market share, shareholder value etc). Then Brand is build up and designed to represent consumer perceptions about the product and its quality. The second step: Brand expression relates with the full experience that costumers have: here it is important to choose which manifestations of the brand have to be enphasized. The third step involves the marketing measures, it should be able to express the whole brand expression (channels, communication activities, promotions, packaging etc.). The implementation of all these goals implies an understanding by the costumers. Perceptions in this case are the central argument and final object of the brand policies, the goal is to obtain a good awareness of the brand. Then Brand recognition consists in the pre-purchasing moment, and in the effectivity of an high brand value delivering. Consumer behaviour, finally, close the cycle of planning, and volumes of sales will reflect the actual strenght of the branding strategy.

Unilever offical website: http://www.unilever.com/

3) MARKETING MEASURES Brand positioning reinforcing; Exploitation of targeted growing segments. 4) BRAND

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