Unilever Shakti

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1. What are the key features of Shakti? What are its positive aspects and what are its drawbacks? Key features of Shakti are: • Shakti is an initiative which empowers women in rural India to become capable of earning livelihood and contribute to their family well being • Shakti involves woman to do door to door selling of the branded products • Shakti enabled large conglomerate to penetrate into the untapped rural market of India. • It involved women/entrepreneur to build relationship with customers and provide them the products they require Positive aspects: • It gave opportunity to the rural women to earn livelihood themselves and increase their standard of living • It has helped community by making the branded and quality goods…show more content…
6. What are the critical challenges facing HLL in making Shakti work? What should Shakti’s managers do? Key challenges faced by the HLL in making Shakti work are: • Competition with the local retailers • Language barriers and different dialects; mixed response state wise • Government barriers different for every region • Women dropping out due to the initial setbacks • Increased training costs Shakti managers are grappling with the problem of increase cost. They have to find a solution which would increase the Shakti members without much increase in the cost, there by leading to more sales and achieving economies of scale. They need to: • Optimize the personal network connection. They have a network of over 12,000 local influencers in areas with very low media reach.”HLL’s marketing and advertising budget is best spent in this area. Teaching the individual Shaktis to develop additional customer basis will help a lot. Even, giving them pamphlets, brochures or even catalogs to distribute to end consumers would spread HLLs name in place where that kind of exposure is rare. • They should organize seminars like meeting where the representatives should narrate the success stories of some workers who have made good money so as to motivate the new and existing members. • They should offer rewards for referring friends and associates. • Reduce the RSP staff by making entrepreneurs do their job. In
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