Unilever Sustainable Living Plan For Unilever

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Name: Ni Putu Alina Virginita Introduction Unilever (2016, par3-8) explains that Unilever has established the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan as their mission to help them increase their business while minimizing the negative effect on the environment. Since its inception in 1890, Unilever has a commercial responsibility to use social mission at the main of their business tactic. Unilever notes that they are working with their suppliers to sustain agriculture for the method of production. They are also studying about non-governmental organization (NGO) and other organizations as well. Unilever states that through their business and brands, they perform a plan to promote hygiene, nutrition, empowerment and environmental consciousness.…show more content…
Quotes “Employers want a number of new competencies, with an emphasis on an increased ability to communicate and good foreign language skills” (Jensen, n.d..) “Study of competences required by the engineer of tomorrow, which includes hard skills like good foreign language skills [for communicating]” ( Grünwald, n.d. ) “Engineers can relate the same theories of mathematics, of mechanics and technology, but the modern engineer must also be able to communicate effectively in a shared tongue” (Riemer, 2007, par3) Body Paragraph 2 Topic Sentence: Nguyen (1998 par2) states that technical knowledge is a generic skill in education of engineering. Controlling Idea: • Azami et al ( n.d. pa 6) the ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools by learning independently in gaining of new information, skills and technologies. • Male et al ( n.d. par2 ) Presenting engineering knowledge and skills to recognize about techniques, tools, materials, devices and systems on focusing in discipline of engineering. • ANZSCO (2013, par 1) Engineer creates mechanical equipment, machines, components, products for manufacture, and plant and systems for

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