Unilever's Employee Rewards System

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Introduction: Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company, which includes products like food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever is the world third largest customer goods company. The brands of Unilever are trustworthy worldwide and because of the feedbacks given by the people, Unilever is stated as one of the most successful customer goods/products companies. Unilever have more than 400 brands which focuses on health and wellbeing, and this is the reason why Unilever has touched so many people lives in many different ways. Unilever collection of varieties varies from nutritionally composed foods to permissive ice creams, inexpensive soaps, comfortable shampoos and everyday domestic care products and…show more content…
Performance management system of Unilever supports its employees in recognizing and delivering against challenges goals that has an impact on the organization. It helps the employees to form up their career and develop their skills in command to accomplish the goals and progress their selves for the current period and future. Recruitment and Hiring: Unilever usually don’t mention their name while making a job advertisement as this is their policy. Third party hires the employees for Unilever. And once the hiring is done by the third party, the departmental manager who requires the employee interview the candidate and then the HR department selects the employee.(Qamaradeel, March 07, 2010) Training and Development: At Unilever two types of training are being conducted, which are In-house Training and External Training. In-house training is only for the employees of Unilever as it is being customized for them. And external training is trained through trainers in training institutes. The employees of Unilever are mostly trained by Rameez Allahwalla (a trainer living in Pakistan), and from a well-known training institution Possibilities ad Intec. Before training “Training Need Analysis” (TNA) is accompanied by the departmental manager and after that employee gives their feedbacks about training. (Qamaradeel, March 07, 2010)
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