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Case study UniMed and EduMed 1. What are the key markets factors that drove UniMed’s business model? UNIMED Medical Supplies is an expert supplier of therapeutic supplies and extras item. The organization built up following 2002 by Dr. Zachary and his child Oscar. Plan of action of UniMed's make the business sector engaging quality by enter United States and Europe. UniMed's main goal is was to drastically enhance restorative administrations for patients living in the Middle East by making Western pharmaceutical promptly available. UniMed's business idea was to join telemedicine capacities with a world class system of restorative organizations and doctors to make a productive medicinal administration. By giving access to a broad…show more content…
UniMed’s first guilding principal was that well informed patients can and should make their own decision regarding their health care. UniMed’s took responsibility for helping patients to become informed, get access and develop reasonable expatiations of the process ahead to fully understand the capabilities of participating institution, physicians and the associated cost. Second is guiding principle was to ensure a positive experience for the patient. Medical problem are traumatic and the uncertainty of dealing with the unknown make it more. 4. What were some of the challenge UniMed’s faced? The challenging that UniMed need to face is UniMed was still not generating any revenue on its own and for the sake of recapturing the vast investment made into company. Dr. Zachary and his son Oscar realized tht EduMed was a necessary endeavor. Dr. Oscar knew there would be many similar potential pitfalls to hwat UniMed faced but the majority of them would be new due to shift in the market focus and strategy for acquiring EduMed would purser. No formalized standard and protocol make the UniMeds being faced in challenging. The other factors is quality of equipment and software. 5. What was the dilemma with EduMed? A new business entity named eduMed which would develop market and executive continuous medical education “CME” project. It been published by Dr Zachary and Dr. Ahmed based in Dubai in year 2004. Continuing medical education “CME”

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