Uninsured Americans And The Health Care Crisis

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Uninsured Americans; The effects it has on the Health Care Crisis Imagine a life without health care insurance. The daily struggles of keeping up with your personal health, but always afraid of what the cost would be to see the doctor. This may be a reality for many citizens in the United States. One aspect of the Health Care Crisis in America has to deal with those who are currently uninsured. This paper will discuss who is categized as uninsured, why people are uninsured, what the Affordable Care Act has done to help, statistics on the uninsured in America, what happens to those who are uninsured, a voice from inside the financial side of health care, and what predictions can be made for the future of our country dealing with uninsured…show more content…
Affordable Care Act Through the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States was introduced with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This act gives the opportunity to individuals and families a greater access to affordable health insurance options that include medical, dental, vision, and other types of health insurance that they may not have been applicable for previously. The cost of health care can be extremely expensive for those who face ongoing medical issues. Through the ACA, it allows individuals to enroll that have lost previous coverage, had a child, or got married and the list goes on. “In 2014, Medicaid coverage had been expanded, through the ACA, to almost all adults with incomes at or below 138% poverty in states that have accepted the expansion, and tax credits are available for those with incomes up to 400% of poverty who purchase coverage through a health insurance marketplace” (Garfield). After the ACA was established the uninsured rates dropped to a historic low. Statistics on the Uninsured Even though after the Affordable Care Act was established and the uninsured rates went down, there were still several Americans struggling to obtain health insurance. By the end of 2015, there were still over 28 million people in America who were ineligible for the ACA and still fall into the category of being uninsured (Garfield). The uninsured rates of the
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