Uninsured Americans

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Today uninsured Americans make up approximately 4.2 million people. Because these families cannot afford the high cost of insurance, they do not get the health care needed to maintain good health. They must live with the pain and worry of the problem and when they do get medical care, they assume huge debts and another worry of how to pay for it.

The United States is the only modern industrialized country with out a sound health care system. Since 1999, one in six, not including the elderly, went without health care coverage for the entire year. More males went without coverage then females. Those most likely to be covered were those who were elderly and under the age of 18. Even Canada has a system where every one in the country
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The highest percentage of Americans who do not have coverage are the Hispanic group. The African-American are second to them. These two groups make up the largest population of those who are uninsured. Because of this, many men in women in this group tend to have a shorter life span because they cannot afford health care insurance and therefore tend not to get the medical attention needed. By the time they do get the help that is needed, it is too late to cure the problem and they are stuck with a huge medical expense they cannot afford to pay. There are three sources of health insurance coverage, private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is the federal government primary health coverage for those over the age of 65; all persons in this age group are eligible for some basic coverage by Medicare. Although some may only be covered for Medicare part A (hospital coverage only) or part B (physician coverage), but most are covered for both. But for those who are not covered by both, again, presents the problem of being underinsured, which causes the problem of not seeking the medical attention when it is needed. Medicaid is the government?s program for those who are poor and those with disabilities. Private insurance is simply for those who could afford it when it is not offered by the
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