Unintended Consequences - Israel from Palestine

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Pity from the Holocaust A common argument for the Holocaust’s causation in the creation of Israel and generous partition of Palestine is the potential for nations to pity the Jews for their suffering. In truth, Zionism wasn’t offered any gains by the Holocaust. Not only was the genocide irrelevant to the argument of Zionism to the rest of the world, but it also couldn’t be pitied, as it was not yet understood. Overall, the Palestine question – and it was just that: a question regarding Palestine, not Israel – was answered based on the state of events in the Middle East. The events of the Holocaust in Europe were largely, if not entirely, unrelated to the partition and eventual Zionist success in the region, and were only minutely…show more content…
Israel is still a dynamic body. It manifests the very concept that clever management and tact are inescapably valuable in all aspects of life, and if used correctly can be cast into resounding successes from life’s challenges. Attempting to achieve one’s goals without consideration of others, additionally, can be a grave mistake. It can harm entities in the surroundings without one even knowing it and become a failure from a result that was a success in all other aspects. The effects of the creation of Israel are still important today. The support of Israel from the United States as well as the Partition and the creation of the State itself are sticking points with Arab nations presently. The war of ’47 and ’48 is still a travesty for the Palestinians. Arabs were rife with sorrow following their hopeless stance. They’ve given the conflict the name ad-naqba, or “the disaster/catastrophe” (Altman 84, qtd. Tessler). The lives of Arabs, they argue, were inalterably corrupted and defiled by the influx of external influence in the region, and they argue that the creation of Israel was an event that both should never have happened and should be protested and fought against. Immell states, “[A] significant problem created by Israel’s rise to independence is the lasting ill will and anger that it created among Arab nations.
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