Unintended Pregnancy Among Adolescents : An Important Health Challenge

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Unintended pregnancy among adolescents represent an important health challenge that requires additional teaching. An unintended pregnancy is considered to be a pregnancy that is unwanted or mistimed for any reason. Among the adolescent populations, more than 4 out of 5 pregnancies were reported as unintended (Finer, 2010). The high percentage of unintended pregnancies in adolescent females involve improper maintenance or lack of education. Approximately half of unintended pregnancies are due to contraceptive failure, largely owing to inconsistent or incorrect use (Winner, Peipert, Zhao, Buckel, & Madden, 2012). An adolescent mother who conceives an unintended pregnancy can cause negative effects including performing poorly in school, resulting in poverty, and having a decreased success in the future (Postlethwaite, Armstrong, Hung, & Shaber 2010). The best way to prevent these negative effects on an adolescents future is to teach them about correct contraception use. Contraception enables people to control their fertility according to their desires and circumstances (Luke, Herbert, Loxton, & Weisberg, 2011). This will help the teens build the specific skills they need to protect themselves and potentially reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies in adolescents.
Decreasing the Number of Unintended Pregnancies in Adolescents
Teaching Plan
Combination of educational and contraceptive interventions appears to reduce unintended pregnancy among adolescents (Oringanje,
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