Unintended Pregnancy Is A Burgeoning Epidemic Throughout The United States

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Unintended pregnancy is a burgeoning epidemic throughout the United States that can be easily prevented through proper measures. This epidemic is especially prevalent in women of low income. A woman is considered at risk for an unintended pregnancy if she had sex with a male within the past 12 months, did not want to become pregnant, wasn’t currently pregnant, and neither her or her partner were sterilized ( Forrest & Frost, 1996). A major factor in the risk of unintended pregnancy is contraceptive use. There are numerous components that affect contraceptive use including: family planning attitudes and contraceptive use influencing factors, health insurance coverage , and male perception towards contraception .

Due to unintended pregnancy becoming a rapidly increasing occurrence in the United States, it is imperative to analyze the circumstances leading up to the pregnancy. According to Finer & Zolna ( as cited in Ayoola,Zandee, Johnson, & Pennings, 2014) in 2006 almost one half of all pregnancies in the United states were unintended. The risk for having an unintended pregnancy increases when there is contraceptive failure or effective contraceptives are not used ( Ayoola et al., 2014). Women who have less education and a lower income are more likely to misuse contraception or engage in contraceptive non use ( Ayoola et al., 2014). Ayoola et al’s research study in 2014 set out to display an overview of contraceptive use in low income women who lived in medically…

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