Union Movement Timeline

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1. Union movement timeline The airline industry is one of the largest and most innovative industries within the United States. Aside from the innovations for which it is reputable and which changed the world the US airline industry is also notable in terms of the developments registered at the level of collective bargaining. The lines below reveal a brief time line of the events after 1978: 1978 The union jobs in manufacturing decrease by 400,000, but the federal employees gain the right to organize with Civil Service Reform Act 1980 The efforts of the IAM (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) reaches media and the population watches the efforts of the union; representative figures arise, such as Joyce Meyers, the first women on the executive board 1985 More strikes arise, such as the sanitation strike or the Hormel Meatpacker's strike 1991 Over 300,000 union members march to Washington DC to demand fairness in the workplace and the reform of the health care system; 25 workers are killed in the non-union Imperial Food plant 1994 The ratification of the merger between the International Workers of America and IAM, as a result of which over 20,000 more individuals in airline become union members 1995 Plans emerge to ensure the unification of the labor union efforts of the IAM, steel and auto workers, which would create the largest labor union in the globe, with over 2,000,000 acting members and 400,000 retirees 1996 New strikes for the
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