Union Unions And The Union

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Organization of Unions Unions have a way of having pros and cons, which working in the union is either good or bad. Not everyone likes or supports the union, but there are those who demand to have a job in the union. Over the times of history, unions were very big but have started to decrease in time. If you work in a job setting that might be a manufacturing job or government job it’s good to have the union supporting you. You don’t always think the union will have your back but never underestimate that you job is secure, which having a union job or not, your chances of losing a job is always possible. After working in a position that was a union job, I can agree to some facts that the unions are good for representing you, but sometimes…show more content…
Not only did supervisors have to deal with the union labors, but they also had to deal with upper management, but the heat coming down on you was even greater amount of stress. Question 2 I can’t afford to join. I’ve got a family to support and my check just isn’t big enough to cover my union dues! I think this was the biggest problem I had with working a union job and I had took the chance in finding another opportunity to support myself. Working for UPS I was hired on at $9 an hour, but if I took a sorting test I got an extra dollar, but each year I would only get a $0.50 raise, which I just missed the old contract by a month. Those before me were getting a $1 raise. When you are not making much money as a union labor, it’s very hard to have to pay the union dues and in the end sometimes seem that nothing is being done for you but you feel like you are throwing away money to the union. Yes, if the union went on strike against UPS, we would be paid a wage while on strike, but that was the last option any of us wanted to do because we all depended on our salary, and it wasn’t much. Question 3 I don’t need a union. My employer is fair and will take care of me. What could the union get for that I wouldn’t have gotten anyways? Well this is something you should never take for granite and your job is never safe even if you think your employer will take care of you.

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