Union of Norway and Sweeden

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After some months of tension and fear of war between the two neighbouring nations, negotiations between the two governments led to Norway's recognition by Sweden as an independent constitutional monarchy on 26 October 1905
Norwegian nationalistic aspirations in 1814 were frustrated by Sweden's victory in a brief war that resulted in Norway entering into a personal union with Sweden. The Norwegian constitution was largely kept untouched, allowing for an independent Norwegian state with its own parliament, judiciary, and executive powers. Over the years, a divergence of Norwegian and Swedish interests became apparent.When free trade between the countries was restricted in 1895 through the abolition of the interstate laws", the economic reasons for the continued union were also diminished. In early 1905, Christian Michelsen formed a coalition government consisting of liberals and conservatives, whose only stated objective was to establish a separate Norwegian corps of consuls. The law was passed by the Norwegian parliament. On 7 June 1905, the Storting voted to dissolve the union with Sweden because Oscar had effectively abandoned his role as King of Norway by refusing to appoint a replacement government. 7 June is considered independence day for Norway.The Swedish government considered this declaration as rebellious, and they…

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