Union vs Non-Union

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Unionized and non-unionized organizations are quite different in how they regulate pay increases for employees. In 2-4 pages explain each one 's strengths and weaknesses. What impact do unions have on the workplace and do you think union membership is going to increase or decrease over the next few years? Unionized organizations:- Union is a group of workers who have come together to make collective decisions about their work and their working conditions. Unions work based on the idea that group is stronger than an individual. As a result of early union bargaining there are a variety of benefits that workers can enjoy today. Strengths of unionized Organizations * Stability: A union can provide a stable workplace. Employees who…show more content…
The main drawback of this is the extra time that it can take to communicate with your team. * Union Contracts: Union contracts can also inhibit the effectiveness of a team or department, especially when people take advantage of the system. For example, many union contracts state that employees can have a set number of absences, or sick days, within a six-month period, before management penalizes them. Some workers take advantage of this, and take every sick day that they 're entitled to, every six months. * Unions can institutionalize conflict in the workplace, where union officials may think that they need to be seen to "stick up for members" to justify membership fees. Non-unionized Organizations: A non-unionized organization is a place where there is no unions attached for the interference in the company. A place where the employer makes all the rules, sets all the wage rates, and makes all the decisions on things like discipline, promotions and hours of work. The worker has no rights to change all these things. Strengths of non-unionized organizations * Non-unionized workplace doesn’t have to pigeonhole employees into traditional roles of management and staff. They can operate a cooperative workplace, allow workers to reach their potential by taking a leadership role to help their business succeed. * Strike is a big time damage threat to the companies. There is a huge advantage of the non-unionized workplace
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