Unionization In Nursing

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Based on the reading Unions in the Healthcare Industry, written by Sanders and McCutcheon, nurses under the National Labor Relations Act has the right to form and join unions, right to collective bargain, right to engage in concerted activity with coworkers for their mutual benefits or protection, and right to refrain from participating in union activities. The idea of unions interest is based on employee's interest collectively, not each individual employee. It's a clear assumption that union nurses have greater job satisfaction and autonomy based on the spirit about what’s best for the patient. The concept that everyone is under a union would predict job satisfaction based on secure benefits, acceptable nurse-patient ratio, and job protection.…show more content…
The study also revealed a limitation such as the 2008 survey did not find a statistical significant association between union nurses and job satisfaction (Segao et al., 2011). The reason why union nurses tend to be more vocal because they are less fearful about voicing concern due to union protection (Segao et al., 2011). If nurse managers with great leadership skills can harness the ability for union nurses to be articulate and outspoken about work conditions, this can lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction (Segao et al., 2011). Unionization tends to increase wages and improve work benefits, unfortunately the union cannot address every nurse's’ concern in which a nurse may feel a loss of autonomy. There are intangible aspects that cannot be resolved such as unfair assignments, feeling guilty taking vacation and sick days, and etc. The union is a collective organization that represents nurses’ voices. Some nurses join the union because their voices are not heard when it comes to making big decisions that impacts them and the patients. However, there is a significant decrease in nurse turnover while unions nurses worked collectively to improve patient care and
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