Unions Do More Good Than Harm At Employees And The Workplace

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Sitting around the dinner table talking about our day, my dad starts off by telling us about how a guy at his work got terminated without being given a legitimate reason. He then goes on to tell us about how he will not be coming home until late the next day because he has a meeting with the terminated employee and people at work, to try and get this man’s job back. Growing up with my dad being the vice president of the union at his work, has made me a union supporter. I believe that unions do more good than harm to the employees and the workplace. When my dad or any other employee gets hurt on the job, the union fights to get them what they deserve. From getting paid for the days they were off, to getting medical bills paid, they fight…show more content…
However... just because we are fortunate does not mean that we should not try to minimize risks and secure basic protections,’ the NCPA website states. (Curry 1) Student-athletes are given great chances to go to school and do something they love to do, but they have not been able to perform at their best in school and on the court/field. With the demands of playing a college sport, it is difficult to keep up with all the required studying and homework. “Athletes deserve an equal voice when it comes to their physical, academic, and financial protections” (Patterson 1). When playing a college sport, athletes must attend multiple practices a day, games on the weekend, and practices when there is no game, except for maybe Sunday. In between practice, they have school, homework, and a social life. Some also have to work in order to go to school, because the cost of going to school is so high. When they are done with practices a lot of the time the cafeteria is closed, so they can not get any food. As Curry quotes Ed Butowksy, an investment strategist who specializes in managing athletes’ investments: One of the things people don’t realize is when the training table closes, and they 're hungry at night, athletes don’t have money to get food to snack on. They don’t have any ability to go get jobs. So not all of it is about them wanting money. But it’s about, hey can I please get a job in the summer, or a job at

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