Unions Labor Unions And How They Affect The Workplace

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Unions in the Workplace Christin Moore Cornerstone University Abstract This Paper is a systematic review of articles relating to labor unions and how they affect the workplace. Labor unions are becoming a part of the past workforce as we move forward into the modern workforce and the right to work laws. In general the literature pointed to many different benefits of having a unionized workforce. These benefits are on both sides of the line, employees and employers. These benefits can range from group bargaining during contracts, protective action when to come to discipline, and overall organization for employees. On the employers side the union brings organization when it comes to discipline, and gives direction when it comes to policies and procedures. Keywords: labor unions, union benefits, right to work, union workers, labor union comparison, labor union pros/cons, right to work law Michigan Unions in the Workplace Plausible arguments can be made to support widely varying predictions of the effect of unions on company performance (William N. Cook, 1994). Employees generally have more complete knowledge and information about their work tasks and processes than do managers (Levin and Tyson 1990; Miller and Monge 1986) and are in a better position than mangers to plan and schedule work, to organize work tasks and work flow, and to otherwise identify and resolve obstacles to achieving optimal performance (Hammer 1988). A common theme within
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