Unions and Political Economy

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Union Articles Are union locals independent of employers or are they incorporated into the management of the workplace? Union locals are not incorporated into the management of the workplace. The most important objective of unions is to protect workers' interests against management's interests. This is because, in most cases, the interests of managers and those of workers are very much different. Workers are interested in increasing their salaries, in reducing their volume of work, and in improving workplace conditions. Managers are interested in increasing profits while reducing investments. Therefore, negotiations must be made between the two parties. Workers must unite and select certain people that can represent their interests in these negotiations. This is how unions were developed. However, union locals are not independent of employers. This is because union members and their leaders are employees of the company in case. The quality of union members and leaders is added to the quality of employees, but this does not mean that union locals are independent of employers. The power of employees against their employers can significantly increase when they are union members. In addition to this, union leaders influence their members. The politics within unions can take the form of democracies or oligarchies. In most cases, oligarchies are formed within union members. This is usually the case when a small group of union members takes control of other members, and
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