Unions and The Collective Bargaining: Is it Beneficial? Essay

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Unions and The collective Bargaining: Is it Beneficial? Being a part of a group or an association that you pay into as a worker should have benefits that can help you continue to improve their lives. The benefit of having someone speak up for you could be better pay, better health benefits, and being better treated in the work place. Collective bargaining, while not being a guarantee, can help gain these benefits. It is the process of negotiations between representatives of workers and management to determine the conditions of employment. The collectively determined agreement may cover compensation, hiring, practices, layoffs, promotions, working conditions and hours, worker discipline, and benefit programs. So since the discovery of…show more content…
Public workers should be able to join unions and collectively bargain because it has benefits to improve their livelihoods. Collective Bargaining is a Fundamental Right To be able to actively get involved in collective bargaining as a public worker, is beneficial and is a given right. The modern system of collective bargaining was developed during the 1930’s to address the imbalance of power between employers and employees…The Wagner Act, passed in 1935, created a system of collective bargaining which leveled the playing field and provided a structure that reduced labor strife and unrest (Clark, P., F., pg. B 1, 2011). So why should collective bargaining be a problem? One could easily ask this question if they are a participating member of a union. There have been debates that have arisen over this hot topic and have even gotten a political view from the Catholic Church. A statement coming from Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee reads: “The church is well aware that difficult economic times call for hard choices and financial responsibility to further the common good…but hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers.” The statement came about during the conflict that is going on in Wisconsin and its legislators that on the rights of public employees to join unions and engage collective bargaining. Their belief in the right to organize
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