Uniqlo Assessment Presentation and Project Report Environmental Analysis Apparel Brand Management

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Introduction UNIQLO was a Japanese apparel brand under UNIQLO Co., Ltd established in 1974. They offered “MADE FOR ALL” high quality causal wear at competitive price. The firm had earned a huge success and high reputation. They were starting online businesses in 2000 and stepped forward outside Japan, in 2001 opening their first oversea outlets in London UK. As international brand, UNIQLO set up their design studio for own products development next year. As of August 2011, UNIQLO international had 181 stores including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, France and Russia, Japan had 843 stores, totally 1,024 stores in worldwide. There are at least 5 major factors of macro-environment that will impact the apparel…show more content…
They began collecting fleece items in 2001 and expanded the All-Product Recycling Initiative plan in 2006. The details of the initiative are as follows: Customers purchase UNIQLO products; products are enjoyed, valued and worn for a long time. Clothes are returned to UNIQLO Japan stores, items collected through February 2011 approximately 9.7 million. Collected items are separated into wearable and unwearable clothing. About 10% unwearable clothing are converted into fuel for generating electricity or recycled into industrial fiber. Wearable items about 90% separated into categories. UNIQLO’s staffs directly participate in distributing clothing & deliver to refuges camps. In the past 5 years, UNIQLO has delivered 4.3 million pieces of clothing to refugees, and others people in need in 22 countries around the world. This initiative starting in Japan, the program has spread to South Korea, France, the UK & the USA. Plan to roll out in all countries where UNIQLO stores are present. Conclusion UNIQLO aims to be a biggest SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel), Acceleration in new store openings mainly in Asian region and enhance the promotion. They expand the women line of apparel in business and continue for “MADE FOR ALL” apparel policy to develop and produce high quality and speciality products. For pricing, UNIQLO will expand the production in other

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